What We Do

Position Research is an online marketing company with over 12 years experience.

Search Engine Marketing

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Strong organic search engine optimization, also known as organic SEO, boils down to 4 basic ingredients:

Although this may sound simple enough, the amount of organic optimization (page and link) is largely dependent on each keyword and the websites that are currently occupying top positions. In order to quantify the amount of organic optimization (page and link) required to support a top position, each keyword and respective competitiveness needs to be evaluated.

Therefore, the cost of a Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign is based on:

The most important step of Organic Optimization is benchmarking competitive websites. This step answers the question:

“how are the other guys getting ranked so high”

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Sponsored Search

Paid search or sponsored search allows advertisers to pay for “Sponsored Links” on search engine results pages. Search engines use real-time keyword auctions to dynamically place ads based on advertiser chosen keyword lists.

Paid Search is best used in tandem with organic search marketing efforts and can supplement organic search in the following areas.

Differential Advantage

KPI Benchmarking (We set goals)

We utilize pacing reports to ensure our campaigns are always on target

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are the foundation of the Position Research campaign management platform. Before any campaign starts, the metrics below must be addressed for all new accounts

Our account managers are able to scale and manage account performance objectives on daily basis through our customized backend reporting system.