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We understand that….

Intelligent people make intelligent choices when they have good intelligence.

In part, our mission it to provide good information so our clients can make informed choices.  We understand that our client’s rely on our skills and experience to develop winning strategies.  And we believe our clients should be intimately involved in that process.   The more our clients understand what is required to produce a quality product, the more they appreciate what and how we get the job done.

We also recognize that our clients need cost effective solutions.  Because Position Research does not have an outside sales team (most of our business comes from referrals and partner relationships), our clients enjoy cost effective and exceptional service.When asked: “How are we different?”, the answer is clear.  Many SEO companies will tout their “best practices”.  Where as “best practices” are good, they are, in and of themselves, insufficient.

Position Research combines “best practices” with competitive benchmarking analysis so we have a much better idea how and why competing websites are performing well.

It is through this benchmarking process that we can quantify what and how much Organic Optimization is required to attain desired rankings. In short, we spend more time analyzing and strategizing so we, together with our clients, can make better choices.  With a winnable strategy, strong implementation follows.  In other words, we don’t make it up as we go along.

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Position Research excels in delivering web-centric technology solutions for our clients. Here are some of our company highlights:

  • 13 years in business
  • Strength in Linux server environments
  • Core Competency 

    Secondary Competency 

    • PPC Campaign Management
    • Website Development (HTML and Joomla®)
    • Web Application Design and Development
    • Landing Page Testing

    Specialty Tools Developed

    • Organic Optimization competitive benchmarking
    • Near-Duplicate content detection (proprietary)
    • Backlink Quality Measurement system (proprietary)
    • Backlink management system (proprietary)

    Organic Search Engine Optimization Consulting