Campaign Cost

Position Research offers several different engagement programs. Our most popular engagement is a full service or comprehensive Organic Optimization campaign.

Cost of a comprehensive Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign is based on:

  • 1. The number of keywords that best represent the theme of your site
  • 2. The competitiveness of those keyword terms
  • 3. The number of external, inbound links that may be necessary to compete with those websites currently occupying your internet “space”
  • 4. Organic SEO implementation restrictions including website construction and/or website depth.

Comprehensive SEO services range in price. Costs are classified into 3 primary groups:

  • Initial Setup – Initial page optimization, content writing, PageRank optimization and other start-up tasks: $2,500 – $4,500 depending on the number of keywords and services required.
  • Monthly Management and Reporting- $360 – $545 per month depending on the number of keywords. These activities include:
  • Situational Awareness
  • Tactical Modifications
  • Reporting
  • Backlink Campaign Management – $0 – $2000+ per month. This price depends largely upon keywords chosen and the current backlink profile of both target and competitive websites.

Some campaigns are lower and some may require additional services (e.g. guest blogging, blog networks, Press Releases, hosting, etc.).

The price is very dependant on the competitiveness and number of keywords. The more competitive a keyword phrase, the more effort required to attain a strong ranking. Likewise, the more keywords, the more effort required.

Our typical SEO campaign optimizes for between 6 and 10 keywords (fewer for very competitive keywords and more for modestly competitive keywords). Other related and less competitive terms may also receive strong ranking but we do not specifically optimize for them – they are inherited as part of a well designed keyword strategy. These other related keywords can account for another 30%-40% additional traffic.

If you believe your budget would support a comprehensive Organic Optimization campaign, a detailed competitive analysis needs to be conducted (see Process here). Please use the Contact form or email with no more than 20 keyword phrases that you believe your serviced market would use to search for products/services like yours. Be sure to include the target domain name.

Sometimes a comprehensive campaign is not the right answer and specialty consulting services are more appropriate. This is more common for larger corporate websites that have dedicated staff capable of making the necessary adjustments themselves. Position Research offers several Organic Optimization consulting options.

DIY Organic Marketing Consulting Engagement: This program works well for those who what regular SE ANALYST reports and professional counseling ($4,024 initial fee + 425/month). The program includes:

  • Comprehensive Tech Website Review
  • Action Plan development with Keyword Map (SAMPLE here)
  • Web Accessible Daily Ranking Reports
  • Regular SE ANALYST reports (SAMPLE here 2.7Mb xls file)
  • 45 minute monthly phone consultation

Comprehensive Tech Website Review: This service is designed to evaluate website construction and reveal obstacles that may prevent optimal ranking. The service includes a written report and 45 minute phone consultation ($750.00).

SE ANALYST Reporting and Interpretation services: One of the more difficult tasks of Organic Optimization is properly assessing and benchmarking websites that are currently occupying a desired keyword “space”. This is where SEANALYST fits in (SAMPLE here 2.7Mb xls file) . Pricing is based on the number of keywords and the amount of data collected. See for more details.

Consulting (a-la carte): Position Research offers consulting services for those clients who may have adequate in-house resources but need the guidance of a professional ($150.00 per hour). Position Research offers expertise in:

  • Keyword Discovery
  • Marketing Component
  • Competitive Component (SE ANALYST)
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Single website
  • Multiple website
  • Tactical Implantation
  • Page Optimization
  • Link Optimization
  • PageRank Optimization
  • Web-Centric Public Relations
  • Website Technology
  • Website Development
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Application Development
  • Analytics Review
  • Other marketing services