Keyword Discovery

The discovery phase of an Organic Optimization campaign precedes strategic planning and is often considered to be the first step. The process includes a review of important metrics that influence an implementation strategy. The discovery phase includes:

  • Keyword Exploration
  • Semantic Variations
  • PPC Costs
  • Popularity
  • Relevancy
  • Website Construction Obstacles
  • Competition Ranking Attributes

Most of the Keyword Exploration metrics are easily attainable from a variety of sources. Website Construction obstacles require a trained eye to seek out conditions that can cause search engine spidering and indexing issues. The most difficult, and most often ignored, metrics are Ranking Attributes of websites that are currently ranking well.

  • Keyword Exploration
  • Competitive Ranking Attributes
  • Website Construction Obstacles


The Discovery Phase is a prerequisite for strategic planning. A winnable strategy incorporates all the information attained in this process.

At the site level, discovering Search Engine Friendly (SEF) obstacles is a necessary step.

At the keyword level, the discovery phase aids in choosing the best combination of keywords for organic optimization and/or PPC.