In the search engine optimization world, nothing is static.  Search engines have regular updates to their ranking algorithms and filters.  And the competitive landscape is constantly evolving.  Without regular attention, a well-designed and implemented optimization plan will loose ranking.

Campaign maintenance activities fall into two basic groups:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Tactical Modifications and Adjustments

Situational Awareness encompasses data gathering and comparison to previous periods.  Based on the findings of the Situational Awareness activities, campaign modifications and adjustments may be required.

Situational Awareness

Considerable time may be spent gathering data relevant to the health of an Organic Optimization campaign.  These organic SEO services activities include:

  • Ranking Movement Visibility – Daily
  • SEO Page Monitoring – Daily
  • Duplicate Content Check – Monthly
  • Webmaster Account Check – Monthly
  • Backlink Tracking & Verification
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Research

Ranking Movement Visibility:

Daily rankings reveal important trends. These trends are important indicators that cannot be seen with monthly or even weekly reports. Better insight to search engine activity is achieved when ranking movements are compared relative to rankings for other websites.

Position Research maintains custom-built search engine ranking modules. These modules operate daily across several servers to gather ranking conditions for all keywords and the major search engines. Historic ranking positions from 1-200 are available online for our clients, 24/7.

SEO Page Monitoring:

Occasionally, website owners make changes to website pages without considering the SEO implications. When critical SEO content is changed or replaced, search engine rankings can fall. It may take weeks for the difference to appear and after corrections are made, several more weeks to regain ranking positions.

In order to avoid these circumstances, Position Research monitors each SEO page daily. When there is a change, Position Research receives an alert. If a change is significant, we pro-actively mitigate the damaging affects.

Duplicate Content:

Duplicate content issues can devastate a website’s rankings. For this reason, Position Research developed a special tool that is run every month. This tool detects duplicate content of SEO pages elsewhere on the Internet and calculates a risk factor based on PageRank and frequency with which a competing page is found.

Webmaster Account Management:

In the last few years, each of the major search engines has created special accounts for webmasters: “Webmaster Tools”. In these accounts, search engines report SEO related metrics and general website health statistics.

Position Research checks these accounts once per month. When a search engine reports conditions that do not favor SEO, Position Research takes corrective action.

Backlink Tracking & Verification:

Most Organic Optimization campaigns include link-building efforts to boost link reputation and/or PageRank.

Position Research operates a link verification system that surveys the quality of one-way backlinks. This activity is performed monthly to detect backlinks that have either died or fallen below quality standards.

Competitive Landscape:

Position Research typically conducts competitive analysis with on a regular basis. These reports provide an in-depth analysis of competitive conditions.


Position Research conducts private research and participates in various industry forums and trade shows. Our private research gives us unique insight to specific optimization tactics and how search engines react. Participation in industry forums helps maintain a breadth of knowledge and search engine understanding.

Tactical Modifications and Adjustments

The Situational Awareness activities provide the guidance necessary to make critical modifications and adjustments. As necessary, Position Research will make Title, Meta tag and body enhancements to improve rankings. If threats that may have a negative impact on rankings are observed, Position Research will conduct further study and consult with our clients. And if the competitive landscape warrants, specific recommendations will be made to counter adverse conditions.

Organic SEO Services & Reporting

Monthly reports are compiled and emailed to clients.  Reports cover a summary of Situational Awareness observations and Tactical Adjustments.  In addition, reports may contain specific recommendations that may fall outside the scope of an engagement.

Position Research clients routinely call to review monthly reports (see sample here) or ask general questions related to their website marketing efforts.  Whenever reasonable we will accommodate client requests to make small website modifications that otherwise may be handled by a Webmaster.