On-Page Factors

Search engines strive to deliver “preferred’ content to their users.  They match a user’s keyword query to internet pages.  Although many of the ranking factors search engines use are off-page factors, on-page factors are still critical for success.  Considerations include:

  • Head Tags
  • Title tag
  • Meta tags
  • Body Content
  • Readable by Search Engines
  • 250-350 Words
  • Unique Content
  • Valuable Information
  • Page Relevancy
  • Keyword Density
  • SPAM
  • PageRank
  • HTML errors


In the final analysis, search engines define the perfect page.  Their Webmaster guidelines serve as strong guidance.

When on-page factors, combined with a strong backlink structure, meet or exceed conditions of website pages currently ranking for specific keywords, the chances of ranking success are dramatically improved.