In SEO, performance is everything. Ranking at the top can produce significant traffic. For this reason, rankings are our chief goal.

Although number # rankings are desirable, there are several cases where attaining a #1 ranking in Google is not practical for 2 reasons:

  1. Google’s website quality rating system includes a rating called “VITAL”. These websites are ‘white listed’ into a keywords space whether their SEO strength justifies it or not. Ranking above these sites is nearly impossible.
  2. Sometimes, the improvement in visitor rate that comes from a higher ranking does not justify the additional cost. And, in some cases, the websites that are ranking higher are informational only and do not real competitors. In essence, our client’s website is the first to offer their products. Therefore, the marginal rate of return for increased rankings is minimal.

Position Research February 2012 ranking performance across more than 400 keywords we track every day. 83% of all keywords tracked are on page one of Google.  And of those rankings on page one, 54% are ranking in the top 3 positions.