This Website

This website is designed and maintained by Position Research. It is a CMS (Content Management System) design which means edits are made with a simple text editor. If you know how to use MS Word, you could edit this website – no HTML experience necessary. Read more about Position Research’s web development program here.

In addition to being a CMS design, the website is also Search Engine Friendly (SEF). Here is a list of optimization specifics performed to this website:

Strategic Keyword Targeting

  • Keywords (national)
  • Primary
  • professional organic search engine optimization
  • professional organic optimization
  • organic optimization professional
  • organic optimization
  • organic search engine optimization
  • Secondary
  • organic search engine ranking
  • organic search engine rank
  • organic search engine position
  • organic search engine placement
  • Keywords (regional)
  • san diego professional organic optimization
  • professional organic optimization san diego
  • san diego organic optimization
  • organic optimization san diego
  • ca professional organic optimization
  • professional organic optimization ca
  • Keyword Map
  • Link to follow

On-Page Optimization Factors

  • SEF page URLs
  • Keyword rich URLs
  • Optimized Keyword and Description Meta-Tags
  • Optimized Title Tags
  • Keyword density optimization
  • Strong interior linking
  • Keyword rich anchor text
  • Very rich and informative content (min 250-300 words in paragraph format)
  • rel=”nofollow” link attributes on selected outbound links
  • Prominent use of “San Diego” and “CA” for local search visibility
  • All original content

Off-Page Optimization Factors

  • Link Building
  • Strong keyword anchor text links
  • Web-centric Press Releases
  • Link Bate – compels others to link
  • Resources page
  • Authoritative content
  • No Reciprocal Links
  • No “Paid Text Links”
  • No Link Farm links

PageRank Optimization

  • rel=”nofollow” link attributes on selected internal links
  • SEF main menu top links only. Drop menus not SEF.
  • Sitemap to secondary pages
  • Different footer link configuration for home page v.s interior pages

Usability Optimization

  • The website was developed with 3 different personas in mind, each with a different level of experience and SEM understanding.
  • For the newbie who does not know if there website is suited for Organic Optimization
  • “Your Search Engine Approach”
  • For the more experienced who want to know how professional Organic Optimization is done.
  • “The Organic Optimization Process” (Your website | This website)
  • For the experienced who wants to know what makes Position Research different.
  • “Develop a Winnable Strategy”
  • Prominent Contact link
  • Calls to action
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Robust Contact form
  • Radio buttons and check box selections
  • Anti-Spam code
  • Alert email
  • Custom “Thank You” page
  • Custom error handling
  • No follow; No index meta tag
  • Custom interior footer with call to action for long interior pages
  • Alt (smaller) banner on selected pages (with 1 call to action)

Other Optimization Factors

  • Google sitemap (sitemap.xml)
  • Google Analytics with conversion tracking
  • Google Webmaster Account
  • Submit Google Local Business Center listing
  • Blog ping server registration
  • Client login to Extra-net
  • Web 2.0 look and feel (encourages backlinking)
  • Easy Navigation (all in one consistent location)
  • Robots.txt file to keep robots from crawling specific pages

Ongoing Monthly Maintenance

  • Situational Awareness
  • Ranking Movement Visibility: Check to see if there are ranking changes and/or anomalies.
  • Backlink Tracking & Verification: Check backlink counts; compare with previous months; check quality.
  • Duplicate and Near-Duplicate content check: Find other website’s that may have copied content and determine ranking threat.
  • Hijack Check: identify malicious or dangerous tactics by other websites.
  • Indexing check: pages indexed in search engines.
  • Competitive Landscape: run SE ANALYST reports and compare with previously run reports.
  • Research: Review forums and in-house tests for search engine behavior changes.
  • Search Engine Account management: Check Google Webmaster Account for anomalous conditions.

Tactical Modifications and Adjustiments

  • On-page keyword optimization adjustments
  • Change/modify SEO tactics as ranking algorithm shifts.
  • Backlink Maintenance: Add links as required
  • Modify content or file DMCA with search engine as required.